flowering to silence, SelfScapes 2018

June 2018

Our view of space is very human-centric. We view other life forms as having lesser culture and social attachments when this is not necessarily so. Research shows that trees form networks and share nutrients and water; these networks go silent when a tree is felled. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/the-whispering-trees-180968084/

During May – July 2018 I was exploring ways to challenge peoples experience of natural settings and plant life. The flower network has blood red vessels intentionally and the work cracks quietly underfoot. This was part of a project called SelfScapes that I’ve been organising with other artists. It focuses on the relationship between self and environment. SelfScapes artistic research group is based at Dalby Forest and supported by York St John University. https://selfscapes118454050.wordpress.com.

This artwork was created with a 3D pen using 3D printer filament.