Joanna Sperryn-Jones


I completed my PhD; ‘Breaking as making: In what ways can making sculpture contribute to understanding perceptions and experiences of breaking?’ in 2013 registered between Norwich University College of the Arts and University of the Arts London.

I have over 20 years experience of teaching in Further, Higher, Adult education and in prisons and hold senior Fellowship of the HEA. I am currently Lecturer in Fine Art at Coventry University.

Most Recent artwork:
'Reciprocity Forest' is available in Google play and Apple app store from April 2022. It is a site-specific augmented reality app for NetPark, Chalkwell Park Essex and Forestry England, Dalby Forest. It was funded by EIRA and Forestry England and organised by Metal working with the University of Essex and University of Kent.

2021 Plumbing for SelfScapes 2021, Forestry England, Dalby Forest.
2018 Flowering to Silence II FOIS, St Augustine’s Tower, Hackney
2017 Genius Loci with Anna Svensdotter Minhauzen Unda, Latvia
2016 Light, St Mary Magdalene's Church, Paddington
2015 Focal Point, Unit 24, next to Tate Modern, London
2014 ‘Expansion of Colours’ Unit 24, next to Tate Modern, London.
2013 ‘Networking Made Visible – A Tightrope Act’
Black Maria, Granary Building, King’s Cross, London.
2013 ‘Crossing the line’ at Multispace of Culture and Creation of Syros, Greece.
2012 ‘Game On’, WestWerk Gallery, Hamburg
2011 ‘Covering and Exposing’, University of the Creative Arts
2011 ‘Four Corners of the Earth’, Rickshaw House Gallery, London
2010 ‘Thinking Practice’, Norwich University College of the Arts
2009 ‘The Art of Research’, University of A&D Helsinki
2002 ‘AnOther Thought’, Hans Price Gallery, Weston-Super-Mare
2001 ‘Building’, Stroud House Gallery, Gloucestershire
2000 ‘Presence’, Winchester Gallery, Hampshire
2000 ‘5&1’, Hampshire Sculpture Trust, Winchester
1998 ‘Under Construction’, Loughborough University
1995 ‘Summer Exhibition’, Wingfield College, Suffolk
1995 ‘Exchange’, Karlsruhe Art Academy, Germany
1994 ‘Norwich Contemporaries’, Norwich Gallery, Norfolk

As part of a team:
2002 First place: International Snow-Sculpting Championships in Ontario, Canada

October 2012 Finalist for Sculpture Shock

2020 Sperryn-Jones, J. E. Introduction. In 50 Women Sculptors. London: Aurora Press.

2019 Sperryn-Jones, J. E. ‘The Risk of Breaking’ an Exposition in VIS journal Issue 1: Risk In Artistic Research – Jeopardy Or Validation?

2015 ‘Cutting up conference papers: audience participation in breaking as making’. In McGuirk, Tom & Fentz, Christine (eds.) Artistic Research: Strategies for Embodiment, Denmark: Nordic Summer University Press.

2015 Graphic design for the above book: McGuirk, Tom & Fentz, Christine (eds.) Artistic Research: Strategies for Embodiment, Denmark: Nordic Summer University Press.

2013 ‘Breaking as making: A methodology for visual work reflected in writing’. In Walden, Jenny (ed.) Art and Destruction, Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press.

November 2012 ‘Reflecting Visual approaches in the Verbal’ In: Maarit Makela and Tim O’Riley(Ed) ‘The Art of Research II’ Helsinki: Aalto University School of Art and Design.

Keynote/invited speaker
Apr 2012 ‘The experience of breaking as making’ a participative artistic paper followed by a round table discussion for 'Look Again… Exploring Medical Objects through Art' at the Medical Museion, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Selected Conference Papers:

Aug 2019 ‘The presence of absence through the absence of presence: exploring augmented reality as a means to reveal hidden structures’ for ‘Artistic Research: Performing Heterotopia’ in the 2/6 study circle of the Nordic Summer University, Lääne County, Estonia .

Dec 2016 ‘Blackburn College UK and Blackburn College USA’ with Craig Newsom (USA) for ‘In Dialogue’, Nottingham Contemporary and New Art Exchange, Nottingham.

Nov 2015 ‘Cutting up conference papers’ for ‘The Dark Precursor: Conference on Deleuze and Artistic Research 2015’ (DARE) Gent, Belgium.

Mar 2015 ‘Knitting home and road’ with Christine Fentz (Denmark), Dr. Mi You (China), Sidsel Pape (Norway), Mie Lotus Lykke (Denmark) for ‘Crossing Context: interventions through artistic research' in the 5/6 study circle of the Nordic Summer University in Tallinn, Estonia.

February 2013 ‘The thinking body as fertile ground' joint with Dr. Lucy Lyons, Dr Carsten Friberg & Larissa Lily for ‘Crossing Context: interventions through artistic research' in the 1/6 study circle/conference of the Nordic Summer University at Reykjavík, Iceland.

Mar 2012 ‘Breaking as making: A methodology for visual work reflected in writing’ for AAH (Association of Art Historians), The Open University, Milton Keynes.

Nov 2011 ‘Breaking as making: a methodology for visual work reflected in writing’ for SECAC 2011, Georgia, USA
My Paper:

Nov 2011 ‘Breaking as Making: Form following content in art and writing’ for ‘The Edge of Our Thinking: Research in Art and Design’, Royal College of Art, London

Jun 2011 ‘Breaking as making: ontology of the fragment from broken body to
breaking art’ for ‘Covering and Exposing: Manipulation and Fragmentation of the Body’ conference at University of the Creative Arts, Epsom

Jan 2011 ‘Breaking as making: two methodologies in continual tension’ for the conference/event ‘Beyond Text: Making and Unmaking Text Across Performance Practices and Theories’. Royal Holloway, London. Archive to be created soon:

Nov 2009 ‘Reflecting Visual Approaches in the Verbal: Can Two Complimentary Creative Practices Meet Requirements for a PhD?’ for the conference ‘The Art of Research’ University of Art & Design Helsinki.
Paper published online


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