LAX 2013 @ Richard Wentworth’s ‘Black Maria’


Established by Catherine Borowski & Sabine Flunker, The London Art Exchange features urbanist/sculptor Catherine Borowski, bearded drag-lady Tim Redfern aka Timberlina, artist/poet/flag maker Olivier Garbay, Westwerk artist Sabine Flunker & Dr [PhD] of breaking Joanna Sperryn-Jones.

Networking Made Visible – A Tightrope Act, 6 Mar 2013

Black Maria
Granary Building, The Crossing
King’s Cross

Participants were required to cover a number of routes within the space and to attach their string/rope at each point before continuing to the next. Each participant was free to fasten his or her string to another, to run the string above or below other strings or to pause and converse with someone else. After a while a visible network emerged; movements and conversations generated new space which in turn redefined the context for further movement and exchange.