‘breaking as making’ 2012 Medical Museion, Copenhagen.


A short film of the event can be accessed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETwjxMj7FrE

After visiting a ‘behind the scenes’ room at Medical Museion, where medieval skeletons from Æbelholt monastery were being prepared for storage, I asked each participant to choose one of the last existing twigs from my installaton ‘breaking’ 2007. The twigs were placed on the dissection table in the Medical Museion auditorium. I made each china twig unique by recording the date it was found, the date the mould was made, when it was cast and that this was the last example and the date it was to be broken was that day. This was written onto a label positioned next to the china twig. I told the participants the story of how breaking 2007 came into being from my broken bones, to the lengthy process of casting the bone china twigs and finally to my having saved the best examples from being destroyed. After my talk I invited the participants to break the twig by crushing it with their feet or a hammer.

The rule I set was they were allowed to take the china twig home with them in a box only if they broke it, otherwise they would have to leave it with me. The fragments were placed in tissue-lined boxes along with labels detailing the date the mould was made, and the date the last twig from that mould was broken.